Voices from Beyond

1994 [ITALIAN]

Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1038

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Lucio Fulci as Pathologist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10

Fair-to-middling Fulci.

Lucio Fulci's penultimate movie is par for the course for the Italian godfather of gore in that it is a largely incoherent effort, an offbeat horror mystery enlivened by some bloody effects to keep the director's die-hard fans happy. There are also several surreal dream sequences (including one involving rotting zombies) and a reasonable helping of sweaty nudity for those who prefer their Euro-horror on the sleazy side.

The story starts with a wealthy man, Georgio Mainardi (Duilio Del Prete), dying from sudden internal haemorrhaging. As an autopsy is carried out (in graphic detail, naturally), Georgio's spirit questions what has happened to him. Determined to find out the truth, he contacts his daughter Rosy (Karina Huff) from beyond the grave; however, with the majority of Georgio's family and acquaintances having good reason to want the man dead, and with the guilty party covering their tracks, Rosy won't find it easy to solve the mystery.

While a long way from the director's best work, there are still a few scenes that make this one watchable: the aforementioned autopsy will appeal to gorehounds (also worth a mention are the frequent cuts to Georgio's interred body, each time the corpse a little more decomposed); those who enjoy the bizarre will love the freaky dream sequence set in a restaurant patronised by weird creatures with tentacles, where a serving of fried eggs turns into a plate of eyeballs; and those who like naked ladies will appreciate the T&A from pretty blonde Huff and brunette Bettina Giovannini as Georgio's wife Lucia.

Reviewed by myboigie 7 / 10

The Last Decent Film By Lucio Fulci

This is another one that isn't all-that-bad! It's a post-Sachetti scripted story (co-written by Fulci), but it's still a great supernatural-mystery sprinkled-with the horror that Lucio Fulci-fans adore. A brief-synopsis: a young-girl's father has been murdered by-poisoning, and a telepathic-link is formed between the deceased and the child. However, time-is-slipping-away for them, as the communication between the dead-man and his daughter is dependent-on the decay of the corpse--the more he rots (which Fulci shows us in delightful-detail), the weaker-the-link of communication. Will they discover who murdered him? Reminiscent of the opening-prologue of "Sunset Boulevard", Fulci delivered his last good horror-film here, there would be no-others. Having a narrative partly-delivered-by a dead-man was (and is) still uncommon, and an interesting experiment by Fulci which bears-fruit.

I found-myself pondering on the many-many issues of mortality watching this film, and it can certainly be read as a parable of the link the living share with the dead--the dead do speak-to-us, but we have to listen-carefully, and usually with detecting and forensics!Understanding the dead--in-part--is understanding the human-condition. Eventually, we have to let-go of the deceased, and move-on. One has to marvel that such an ailing-man (diabetes plagued Fulci his entire life) was capable of such a film, done with an almost non-existent budget. Fulci had a very tender-relationship with his daughter, so it could be inferred that there is some autobiography at-play here.Fulci knew he was dying slowly of diabetes.

Fulci was a valued-director--he could deliver under austere-conditions, and with over-50 films, his "hit-ratio" is surprisingly-high. He was cheap, and he usually delivered a solid-film with so little. Always remember that a majority of his films were made for under $1 million, and you begin to understand how truly-great he was as a director, a veritable-magician. People who compare other films by a director aren't worth listening-to, because people and times change. Yes, the films are frozen, but why should we be frozen too? Voices From Beyond is well-worth repeated-viewings, and almost totally-forgotten. Sure, it isn't his best film, but it's pretty good. It teaches us that we can let-go of the deceased, since they are always with us anyway. Long-live Lucio Fulci's legacy!

Reviewed by Buio_Omega 5 / 10

not so bad but also not so good


Voices From Beyond is the last Fulci' work. It's about rich businessman Giorgio Mainardi who dies suffering, spewing blood, and his whole family is watching as he suffers. When Giorgio dies, his spirit connects from beyond the grave with his beloved daughter Rosie to find out, who is responsible for his death.

This film is a little bit of disappointment, but there are some interesting scenes giving thrills. Not much gore - Fulci's trademark, but includes a zombie attack, rotting head and some eyeballs pretending to be fried eggs. Recommended for Fulci completists and true die-hard fans. I give 5 out of 10.

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