The Party


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 17449

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thomasjay-52277 5 / 10

An Underwhelming Mess

I had decent expectations for this from the second I saw it's trailer, I've just caught it on Netflix and it's fair to say I'm disappointed. A jumble of weird political statements and a masterclass in overacting the only thing going for this film is the fact it's a little over an hour in run time. With shallow characters who are easy to hate and are mostly uninteresting with the exception of Murphy's Tom this film is sadly not what it could've been. The setting is great as is the cinematography and style plus there's some great uses of music but sadly the 'story' is simple (which can be fine) but poorly executed, not what it could've been

Reviewed by finlayfinlayson 2 / 10

How forgiving are you?

How much you enjoy this 'movie' will depend on how forgiving you are.

The actors are, of course, first-rate, but even they struggle with a script that's bizarre and cliched and a plot that's irrational, unbelievable, riddled with holes and as shallow as a summer puddle. It comes dressed as something deep but quickly turns out to be something jejune. In consequence, no one comes out of this covered with glory.

Dialogue feels forced and wholly unrealistic, while the characters are two-dimensional cut-outs at best. There's a little dabbling in politics (parliamentary, national, class, sexual, relationship) but it's all very simple, and a brief nod towards the conflict between atheism and Christianity is refereed in part by the empty mumblings of faith healer Ganz.

I'd rather love to know where banker Tom obtains an automatic pistol and shoulder holster at short notice in modern-day Britain, why his immediate response to his discovery of wifely infidelity is to murder her lover, and how his two-timing wife actually turns out to be (apparently) a bi-sexual three-timing wife with two lovers who are both about twice her age. In fact the two 'token' lesbians also have a similar age gap so maybe this is wishful thinking by near-septuagenarian author Sally Potter.

As I said, if you're forgiving you may look past this mishmash and enjoy Spall and Scott-Thomas doing their thing but even they, I fear, won't be watching re-runs of this in order to spare themselves embarrassment. Bruno Ganz and Patricia Clarkson are both wasted and Cillian Murphy does his best with a ludicrous part. Emily Mortimer has to speak dialogue that would have made her cringe at acting school.

Reviewed by soupastar 4 / 10

A parody that doesn't know it's a paraody

This was so bad it was good.

We were 11 minutes into this when my wife first said to me: "This is rubbish". I tried to defend it on the basis that it could only get better. I expected that the film would become more subtle as events unraveled. I expected my expectations to be confounded. I was mistaken. The film starts off with the subtlety of a sledgehammer and becomes ever more preposterous thereafter

All 7 characters are unlikeable. Every character is a two-dimensional stereotype: The banker snorts coke (natch); the pregnant lesbian wears dungarees (to a posh party); The ageing lesbian is a professor specializing is some niche of feminism; there's an ageing hippy (who spouts about broken Western medicine); every female character is extremely high achieving and they pepper most of their dialogue with references to strong women and post-post feminism; the men are all buffoons. It's all so wearily 2017. I hoped these lazy stereotypes would be thrown off as the film progressed, thereby confounding our - i.e. the viewers - lazy pigeon-holing. Unfortunately, the clichés remained in place until the bitter end.

The dialogue is execrable: these people are friends yet they talk to each other with contempt. April (Patricia Clarkson) cannot talk without directing a scathing insult to whomsoever she is addressing. Yet, no one ever picks her up on it: they either ignore the insult or respond with a feeble defence that enforces the cliché of their character.

At one point, there is an attack on the profession of the banker. Just in case some viewers wanted further confirmation as to how morally high-brow this film really is.

The story is contrived beyond belief. It's trying way too hard to be clever.

This film marks the high-water mark of the liberal elite.

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