Senior Trip


Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 5478

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Jeremy Renner as Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino
Matt Frewer as Principal Todd Moss
Tara Strong as Carla Morgan
Valerie Mahaffey as Miss Tracy Milford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kayabound 3 / 10

Tommy Chong, Tara Strong and Nicole de Boer

I really wanted to like this movie, but I could only come up for 3 reasons to suggest anyone else endure this movie. Tommy Chong, Tara Strong and Nicole de Boer. Quite frankly, Chong isn't enough of a reason since he can be seen in better form in a dozen other choices and de Boer is a minor player at best. You are better off watching the last few seasons of Deep Space Nine to be mesmerized by Nicole. So that leaves us with Tara. Yes, Tara is enough of a reason to watch this movie... once. Only because it is the only movie in existence that she is in as a physical entity. If you don't know Tara is the voice behind 100s of cartoon characters you probably watch with your kids. The movie has a few funny moments, but they are rare and limited. Tara on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous.

Reviewed by thenexusone 10 / 10

Perfect for a relaxing laugh.

I was overly joyed when I saw the trailers for Senior Trip. It appeared to be a very good no brainer for a 90 minute laugh. Unfortunately it wasn't well taken to by movie-goers which made its release to vhs very slow and limited. It hasn't even made it to dvd yet and I know of terribly worse comedies that have, and most are from the present Saturday Night Live Crew. The film does fulfill the area of not only certain high school hijenks, but also a human feeling for the kids of that specific time. It pushed through the ideas of free alcohol, drugs but not so much sex. There was the element of sex, in words and conversation, but no real nudity or fulfillment. Overall an excellent film that would have done better a few years later when teen flix came back with a vengeance. Senior Trip carries with it the National Lampoon feel of Animal House, but doesn't veer off into a demented spoof like Not Another Teen Movie. It filled the void where drama and action films had worn away movie goers in the mid 90s. Watch for Tommy Chong as the bus driver and the chemistry, whether electrified or jaded between the characters.

Reviewed by bellhollow 1 / 10

Not worthy of a National Lampoon Title

This is a really, really bad movie which explains the Alan Smithee direction. The premise was good but this is a movie for children who have never seen Animal House, Airplane, or the Naked Gun. Because this movie goes nowhere fast is an understatement. The only funny scenes involved the guy from New Kids in the Hall playing with his Star Trek blow up doll. But aside from that, we have a bunch of kids drinking and puking and not much of anything else. Do not watch this movie. Even the ending was STUPID!! I still don't understand how people can make movies stink so bad. They could have had more scenes with the principal and the typing teacher but that would have involved lesser known actors so that they would have taken their clothes off. Or they could have had the students actually catch the bad congressman having sex with one of the students. I can not reiterate how awful this movie is. I sat there waiting for something funny to happen and even waited for ending hoping something would salvage this painstaking road I had wondered down. Instead I felt like I had watched a movie that will barely keep anyone's attention under the age of ten.

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