Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Action / Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 20826

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Matt Damon as Loki
Rosario Dawson as Reggie Faulken
Melissa Benoist as Reboot Chronic
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LincolnSixEko 2 / 10

Just awful

I loved Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but this movie is a huge dumpster fire.

When Joey Lauren Adams and Ben Affleck are listed as top billing that shouldve been a huge red flag (theyre only in the movie about 5 minutes towards the end)...Melissa Benoist isnt even actually "in" the film- shes sactually in a preview of the movie shown at Chronic-Con...during the movie. She and Harley Quinn Smith shouldve reversed roles because Harley isnt funny at all and really obnoxious and annoying here.

The meta jokes are more cringe than funny and the plot is all over the place and just dumb (and not in a good way). J&B Strike Back felt like an adventure, but this movie feels like a bunch of quickly put together SNL clips.

Just stay away from this one.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 6 / 10

It gave me a few laughs, but it probably relies a little too heavily on nostalgia

When they learn that their alter egos are the subject of a reboot the eponymous Jay and Silent Bob head off to Hollywood to prevent the film from being made. Along the way they encounter some unexpected cargo and learn some home truths/unexpected life lessons whilst undertaking this journey...

Whilst I found the Jay and silent Bob reboot to be fairly enjoyable it did not really get the belly laughs from me that the original film got; although I am prepared to accept that I watched the original film at the cinema and haven't watched it since. Therefore, perhaps as I'm now quite a bit older (and believe me it's depressing for me to hear teenagers refer to people born before the 1990's as being old - like dude wtf??). However, there is a slight issue in watching 2 men who are in their late 40's still trying to behave like they are in their 20's. In fairness, the film offsets this slightly with Jay's character being forced to grow up a bit, but somehow it just doesn't work quite as well here or come off as convincingly.

The story in itself is quite flimsy and silly and in some ways it's hard to overlook the fact that this film may have merely acted as a very cheap way for a lot of cast members from Kevin Smith's previous films just to have something of a reunion. I can imagine that they all had fun making this film, but the feeling is that it was probably more fun for them than it was for the audience.

Not wishing to be too mean I have to admit that the film still has its funny moments and as director Kevin Smith deserves some credit for the self-deprecating approach that he brought to the material (which is arguably one of the film's biggest strengths).

It doesn't touch the original film and the sheer number of cameos shoehorned into the film does make the film reek of desperation, but the film still had some funny moments, but the film itself will probably appeal more to Kevin Smith and his peers rather than a mainstream audience.

Reviewed by ccandme-98379 6 / 10


Time takes its toll and it even takes its toll on your comedy chops. Not a whole lot of funny in this movie. it feels forced and uncomfortably so in some scenes. save yourself some money and just rewatch the first one.

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