Godzilla vs. Kong


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 122766

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Daniel Nelson as Hayworth
Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell
Lance Reddick as Monarch Director
Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThomDerd 8 / 10

Great action, cool visuals and that's about it.

I am glad I watched this film for 3 reasons: 1-good runtime of 1h 50m, 2-never gets boring, 3-relentless impressive action sequences. Don't expect much from the plot but prepare yourselves for some epic monster fight scenes and some great ideas on visuals. If you have seen the previous kong and godzilla films then you will like this a tad more. But if you haven't, it doesn't matter; it will keep you invested throughout. Its an 8 because they kept it relevant to what it is. Its just a fun movie 8/10.

Reviewed by alfredsmith 4 / 10

Great CGI can't compensate for awful story.

This is a mindless, plotless action flick with great action and effects but not much else. The plot is mundane, ridiculous and predictable. Much of it didn't even make any sense, because nothing is adequately explained. The acting is mostly awful. The editing made it difficult to follow what little plot there was. Actually the whole series of movies in this rebirth have all been really bad and this just continues that tradition. I am at a complete loss to explain the high ratings some people have given it and cannot recommend it all. Seriously don't bother with this.

Reviewed by movieliker1 5 / 10

Thank goodness for the children.

This is another movie where children save the day from evil and/or incompetent adults.


  • Kong is not happy in Kong biosphere.

  • Incompetent human adults kidnap Kong to bring him to Antartica where there is an entrance to the center of the Earth.

  • Kong's naval escort is intercepted by Godzilla. Godzilla and Kong have an epic battle. Godzilla wins round one.

  • Kong is air lifted to Antarctica. He and humans fall through a wormhole to the center of the Earth.

  • The center of the Earth is replete with light, oxygen, plants, trees, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and of course, dinosaurs.

  • Kong is king of the center of the Earth. He even has a throne down there.

  • Godzilla burns a hole down to the center of the Earth. Kong climbs up that hole from the center of the Earth, to the surface of the Earth.

  • Kong and Godzilla have epic battle. Kong wins round two.

  • Kong and Godzilla have another epic battle. Godzilla wins round three.

  • Apparently King Kong is controlled by an eight year old deaf child. He virtually does whatever she says. (Thank goodness for the children.) She tells him, "Godzilla is not your enemy. He is your friend. By the way, he needs your help."

  • Kong looks over to see Godzilla battling mechanical Godzilla created by evil human corporation run by evil adults.

  • Two other children break into the evil corporation and get control of the mechanical Godzilla control board. (Thank goodness for the children.)

  • They can't override mechanical Godzilla's program. So one kid pours a drink on the control board to short out mechanical Godzilla. (Thank goodness for the children.)

  • Kong and Godzilla decide they cannot be friends. But they will settle for Godzilla controlling the water. And Kong controlling the land.

  • Kong returns to the center of the Earth. But he needs human supervision.

This is a movie for kids, and adults who can suspend disbelief.

There is plenty of action and violence. No nudity or sex. Couple of curse words.

I gave it a 10 for action and special effects. A 1 for plot. Half way between 1 and 10 is my rating of 5.

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