Atlantic Rim: Resurrection


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 1.8 10 767

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kemal91111 1 / 10

This must be a parody of pacific rim

I mean i would of thought that but it is not. People spend time, money, resources to do this movie. It is a horrible experience. Effect are from 1950s, script feels like wrote by bunch of 8 years for a school project, actors are aware that movie is terrible but they had to see it through because easy money, director have no idea what a movie is... i can go and go and go on with bad things to say about this sad movie. I felt like i had to warn people who is about to watch this wretched movie. Don't do it.

Reviewed by coivaln007 1 / 10

Do not need a functioning brain to watch this (II)

The distributors are Asylum. That word "Asylum" should be used as a warning to movie goers around the world. The acting was extremely bad, even by Asylum's standards. The "story" is as understandable as the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics. The special effects were extremely "special" (as "special" as that person everyone knows and avoids). Asylum should be taken to court for numerous rip offs of big movie productions. It beggars belief that this company is still in existence and that no movie company has sued them. This movie is so bad that I want to start up a GoFundMe page so that I can personally commence legal action to shut this company down.

Reviewed by Info-241-562323 1 / 10

OK.... This Is A Joke Right?

I managed to watch it, but I've really no idea how.... woeful, terrible, pointless - I honestly can't express enough how bad this film really is. As other reviews have said... from the 'acting' to the script, to the CGI, everything about this excuse for a movie is just wrong wrong wrong on so many levels, and should be put out of it's misery. It's not even good enough for the bargain bin!

If it was a B Movie from the early 80's, it may just have warranted a 2/10, but as it's supposed to be 2018, and obviously a rip-off of 'Pacific Rim', I honestly can't find the words to describe this complete waste of time and effort - what were you guys seriously thinking?

No idea how I made it through this - yes.. I feel tremendous shame that I actually did, if not just to warn others to avoid at all costs.


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