Anatomy of a Love Seen


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 2445

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Sharon Hinnendael as Zoe Peterson
Jill Evyn as Mal Ford
Constance Brenneman as Anne Pasternak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RaynarRogers 10 / 10

Don't just watch... See.

Earlier I read a review that basically warned viewers about this movie but since the Director was so kind as to personally message everyone who queried about the film on Youtube strands and the trailer was done so beautifully, I decided that it was worth the $5 and went ahead and watched it anyway. Now can I just say that this is not a 'typical' movie and if you are a plot based person who gets bored easy and needs the car chase or the lonely montage or any other Hollywood film tricks to fill your 90 minutes, you may not be prepared for this and may even have words as strong as the previous reviewer who claimed that it was slow and self indulgent. But if you can be open to seeing something very different and raw, it is really something unique and special. Realism to me often comes in a slightly art house package, with a slow narrative mimicking reality. You know. Those long look-out-of-the- window-of-a-train sequences or how the film sometimes gets taken over by silence. And somehow, even with a narrative, these films will so often lose me. However, this movie is clever in that it is absolute realism without the extended narrative, in fact, the whole film is set up within a short space of time, literally almost mimicking time itself which absolutely gripped me like I was living those moments with them. The four lead actresses were fantastic and the chemistry between Zoe and Mal was nothing short of Real. I can talk about how great the pace was or the shots but art isn't always meant to be picked apart by its roots. For me, seeing a film that is not dragged down by plot but puts all of its cards on letting a situation and a relationship run its course throughout a difficult day, a film thats core focus is to express just... love, is refreshing and honestly exciting. With this and Blue is The Warmest Colour... I am feeling pretty confident that particularly lesbian relationships are started to be represented well within the film industry. Despite that we were removed from so much of the context and history,I was so emotionally invested because it wasn't about exposition and it wasn't about knowing, it relied on feeling. That in-the-middle-of-a-complicated-break-up-and-now-I-don't-know-how- to-function feeling that leaves us completely vulnerable and if you've never had anything like that or never felt sick when you're around a person, like your body doesn't feel like its you anymore or you've never had a first fight or a last fight or a relationship ultimatum moment or you've never stopped yourself before you risk getting hurt, then maybe, just maybe you might be like meh, a film about love with no plot. Otherwise, this is a gem and you will not be sorry for putting money into this film. Commendation to the team!

Reviewed by jenn_ballard7 9 / 10

This movie made me cry (and I hardly ever cry)

I can't believe how rude some people can be, this movie was so beautiful to me and I had to create an account because I want to offer my support against the haters.

I can see how the movie might seem slow to some. This isn't your typical movie with unrealistic drama at every corner. It is so emotional and relatable because it shows something everyone (well most everyone) has gone through. Breakups can be so heartbreaking, and all of the elements of this movie come together to convey that with aching subtlety. It is rare that you see a film that can make you feel so many things with just one look the actress gives or one strategically placed piano note. Shannon (Zoe) is especially gifted, her range of emotion is incredibly refreshing.

I never cry during movies, but this one really took me by surprise. So much tension builds up, and you see these two people who were once in love now fighting with each other and so angry. You start to find out how it all fell apart, but also without actually seeing the moment they fell in love. Then they hit you with that moment and you finally understand why they are so hurt. That scene was so incredible beautiful, and I credit both ladies for how amazing they did at appearing so in love. So many movies you see people fall in love and it doesn't look real. The culmination of that scene is what really got me to shed a few tears. I thought it would have been some sort of crazy inception situation where the actresses fell in love while filming the scene where they fell in love. I doubt that happened, but it would have been cool.

Anyway, I recommend this movie to anyone who has been through heartbreak. Anyone who appreciates beautiful acting in a film that pays attention to every fine detail. Everyone involved in the movie really did an amazing job. Thank you for making me feel this way because it is something I really needed.

Reviewed by grunstedler 10 / 10

Beautifully scripted, well-produced love story

This is a beautifully scripted, well-produced love story that addresses some of the challenges we may face in a relationship. The chemistry between the main characters is intense yet natural. There are degrees of conflict that most of us have encountered and even though this is a lesbian relationship, these conflicts and interactions hold true in most relationships. The actors compliment each others roles and so you can identify with the characters. The story is told without embellishment(to simply fill time) so it is not a long film and with the way we cherish our time, this works well. Nicely done, a precise, pleasant and lovely film.

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